What to Expect

What to Expect :

Advanced Specialty Massage, located in the Benton City.  (Information you should know about Medical and Therapeutic Massage).

Medical and Therapeutic Massage Treatments differ from other types of massage you may be use to, such as Swedish, Relaxation or Spa massage.

Medical and Therapeutic Massage is used for targeting muscles affected by injury. Whether by long term chronic pain or recent injury.

Medical and Therapeutic massage usually works deep into the muscle tissue to release hypertensive conditions. Though it can be very relaxing and relieving, treatment often produces soreness for up to 1 -2 days. This should be noted for those of you with strenuous exersice regimens or heavy work loads. Strenuous activity during treatment may hinder your results and may disrupt your body's ability to heal. Also...lcing - Moist Heat and Water intake are important to your speedy recovery.  

Medical and Therapeutic Massage Treatments also work well with your Chiropractic Care Plan to get the best results possible.

Your LMT. will advise you with your recovery plan Regarding your Massage Treatment and Care.