About Me

Rena J Riddell LMP.

I have been a Massage Therapist since 2008, after a wonderful 17 year career as a high end, custom home decorative painter.

I came to experience Therapeutic Massage after an injury I sustained to my upper back and shoulder. The pain left me unable to continue the work I had come to love. I tried everything the Doctors prescribed. For two years I found no relief, still waking up crying from the pain, until I decided to try Therapeutic Massage. Since Insurance did not pay for those types of treatments, I decided to pay out of pocket.

My first visit, I recieved so much relief I could not believe it, (considering all the therapies and pills I tried to alleviate this pain).  I decided to go again. I went for a total of 3 times and was finally healing! Thats when I decided that this is something I would like to do, to help others like me. 

I enrolled in Everest College a few years later and Graduated with Honors in 2008.

I was hired shortly there after by a kind and knowledgable Chiropractor, Dr.Kenneth B, Frederick Chiropractic,  where I worked for almost 2 yrs. working with the elderly, car accident victims, work injuries, and return clientele, until I opened my own private practice in September, 2010.

I now hold 5 Medical Massage Certificates from David Morin  LMT.( another highly reguarded Professional, NCBTMB Certified Medical Massage Instuctor). I also became a part of a Wonderful Healing Team at Middendorf Chiropractic of Port Orchard, WA. which has givin me an extra 2 yrs. of experience as a Chiropractic and injury Massage Therapist as well as 9 yrs. at my own Private Practice helping to heal chronic pain and injuries of all sorts.

SO please join with me as I am happy to open my New Practice in the Benton City and Richland area using Advanced Specialty Massage to help heal serious chronic, long term pain and injuries.