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When you visit Advanced Specialty Massage in Benton City, there will be no rush and we can take our time discussing your needs. Instead of the standard rushed 50 minute experience, I offer 1 full hour of hands on treatment and specialized individual atten...

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Welcome to Advanced Specialty Massage, Medical and Therapeutic Treatment.


I specialize in the treatment of many back and neck disorders including sciatica as well as injuries due to auto accidents, workouts, chronic pain and stress related muscular discomfort. Please have a look at the services I offer and choose one or more treatments that may suit your needs.                                                                                  

Rena J.Riddell  LMT. Therapeutic Massage Specialist

(509) 205-2774

 812 Della Ave  Benton City, WA. 99320  Suite A                                                                                         License # MA60041452